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Porta Potty Rental, Bronx NY


The standard type of porta potties you will come across is the most common and least expensive. They can be cleaned on site, meaning they’re a great option for events that last just hours! The transportable potties are usually a single unit portable bathroom. That is why they’re hired in clusters for outdoor events with many people, and lack sinks or flushing capabilities; however there may be additional features like mirrors and lighting provided by rental companies which make these basic porta potties more than enough of what you need when hosting your next big party or event.


The portable toilets we provide are a lot like their standard counterparts, but they’re bigger. These usually measure approximately 44-47 inches in width and 48″ deep with the height coming up to 90″. They have all of your basic features including flushing capability as well. These deluxe flushable units are an ideal upscale of the standard traveling restroom if you’re planning a big outdoor event. They can be coupled with other types to offer different restrooms for guests-especially those who have children and/or adults in their parties! These events usually require high sanitation levels so this is perfect solution where necessary.


Need to accommodate guests of all ages and toilet preferences. A luxury porta potty will be ideal for you. These trailers look like residential restrooms, but they’re much more than that- these facilities provide VIP services with ample lighting so users can see what’s going on in there; flushing toilets that won’t leave any doubt about how clean or not their bathrooms were when last used by another person (including yourself); hand washing areas where everyone who enters leaves feeling cleaner.


The disabled are often without access to a restroom that is both clean and comfortable. This unit was designed with their needs in mind, allowing larger sizes for people who may be wheelchair bound or have other mobility issues due to illness. The interior design includes extra safety features like handrails near the doorframe so those using it don’t need assistance when getting up from sitting down on either toilet seat; anti-slip materialized floorboards. Even though it is not required by law, it is always reasonable to provide ADA compliant moveable potties at your event.

Learn About The Bronx

The Bronx is a lively New York, New York borough that has no shortage of activity options available to locals and to visitors alike. If you want to have a blast in this part of New York City, you can go for a day of golf. Mosholu Golf Course on Jerome Avenue is an example of a destination that’s a biggie among avid golfers in the borough.

You should never assume that the Bronx is only about the “city” lifestyle, because it’s not. There are actually an abundance of outdoor spaces in the borough that are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can go to Van Cortlandt Park for an energetic hiking or jogging session. You can head to Old Croton Aqueduct Trail for cycling purposes, too.

Entertainment buffs never have to worry in the Bronx. There are quite a few venues that offer everything from live music to stand-up comedy. Don’t forget, either, that the Bronx is basically a haven for sports aficionados. If you adore baseball games, you’ll have plentiful opportunities to enjoy them at the legendary Yankee Stadium.

Places to Visit

There are many thrilling and memorable attractions scattered all throughout the Bronx. People who appreciate the magnificence of wildlife may want to check out the famed Bronx Zoo. This is a destination that’s suitable for people of all age groups, young children included.

If you appreciate plants and greenery in general, it may be a lot of fun for you to visit the Bronx Botanical Garden. This garden spans 250 eye-catching acres in total.

It can be soothing and rewarding to soak up the sights of the Hudson River. If you want to take in striking Hudson River vistas, you should go to Wave Hill Public Garden & Cultural Center. This place actually is a staple for culture and nature admirers alike.

Learning and expanding your mind can be a piece of cake in this borough. The Bronx Museum of the Arts showcases modern artworks that are influenced deeply by the spirit of the borough and its many citizens.

City Island has the distinction of being an island community. If you’re a foodie in the Bronx, then this neighborhood may entice you with its various eateries that serve fresh seafood dishes of all sorts. Relishing amazing culinary opportunities is a big thing among people who are familiar with the Bronx. The borough overall is a sanctuary for folks who like sampling cuisines of all varieties.

Historical Sites

History abounds in the Bronx. Edgar Allan Poe Cottage is named after the widely known writer. It’s located in the heart of the borough. If you want to go on an in-depth tour of a historic residence, you should pencil in a visit to this cottage.

The Van Cortlandt House Museum is fascinating due to the fact that no other Bronx structure is older than it is. This Georgian architecture powerhouse has ample history on its side. It’s been in existence since 1748 and has functioned as a residential museum for quite a long while. The house gained museum status in 1897.

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is a prominent example of Greek Revival architecture. This house museum has been standing since all the way back in 1836. If you want to soak up the joys of a historic country estate, you should set aside time for a Bartow-Pell excursion.

Fordham University Church is an elegant Catholic church that was initially built back in 1845. It’s a favorite among people who like to gaze at Collegiate Gothic architectural elements.

Borough Demographics

The Bronx is like all of the other New York City boroughs in that it’s an incredibly diverse place. The United States Census Bureau indicates that people who are white make up 44.7 percent of the population. Black people make up 43.6 percent. Latinos make up 56.4 percent. The borough also has a significant amount of residents who classify themselves as being part of the Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander categories.

Females make up 52.8 percent of the population of the borough. Individuals who were born in foreign nations make up 34.6 percent of the population in the Bronx as well.