Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties

Ada compliant portable toilet out sideA wheelchair accessible porta potty is just the same thing as regular porta potty. What makes it different is a range of special features aimed to help impaired people with limited body mobility use the unit without much effort. While being customized to people with special needs, this type of portable toilet can be also used for many other situations, including: crowded events, jobsite, or during natural disasters.


What helps wheelchair accessible portable potty stand out from regular units is the significantly larger size. The extended space is meant to help the wheelchair fit inside the unit and allow for a better maneuverability. While climbing the steeply raised floor in the regular portable toilet using a wheelchair is impossible, the floor in the wheelchair accessible porta potty is flat, sharing the same level with the surface outside. In this way, the access into the box is free of obstacles requiring little effort from the disabled person. Another important feature of the floor is that it is anti-slip which improves the friction and allows for less struggle from the wheelchair user in making the vehicle move. Moreover, knowing that the wheelchair increases the pressure on the floor, it was designed more durable than in the regular unit, preventing the risk of an unwanted accident.

Inside the unit, the wheelchair users can find several support bars that they can use to achieve better maneuverability. People that are not disabled can also benefit from the rails. The can use the bars as hangers for clothes, If you have a coat on you, you are better off taking it off and placing it on the support bar. First of all, you are going to feel more comfortable during the process. At the same time, you will make sure that your cloth is kept in a safe and clean place, reducing the risk of interacting with bacteria and pathogens. The wheelchair accessible porta potties for rent in New York are equipped with large ventilation slots that ensure an active circulation of air, bringing in fresh air and eliminating bad odors. Furthermore, the vents let some light inside which allows receive a better visibility. During night though your best bet would be adding to your rental package a lighting kit that you can easily mount on the wall, avoiding the need of holding a personal lighting device in your hands which can make the experience uncomfortable.

Among the amenities rental wheelchair accessible porta potties in New York offer are: a toilet paper dispenser fully stocked to allow for more than a hundred of uses and a powerful sanitizer that destroys bacteria and germs and guarantee a clean and harmless environment. The door is heavy-duty and is impossible to force open. You can secure the door either with the hasp or with the lock with keys. Both options can be used interchangeably, securing the door equally reliably. Also, you can use one locking mechanism, keeping the second one as an alternative in case the main tool gets broken.