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Manhattan Skyline

If we close your eyes and imagine arriving in New York we will surely see a set of skyscrapers …. they are a symbol of the Big Apple … very famous and admired all over the world… A lively teeming of lights and skyscrapers that give this city charm and magic. What is difficult to imagine is that there are over 5,800 skyscrapers in New York …

Nothing distinguishes New York more than its famous skyline: the profile of the skyscrapers of Manhattan is not only one of the most evocative panoramic views of the city, but also the most fitting and representative iconographic representation of a unique metropolis in the world, perennially projected towards modernity.

We could define Manhattan as the island of skyscrapers from 1910 to 1941 many of considerable height and with many floors were built, just as the tragedy of the Second World War was approaching in the world.

The most important built-in those years in the central area of Manhattan are: the Chrysler Building of 1930, about 319 meters high with 77 floors, the Chanin Building dating back to 1920, about 215 meters high, has 44 floors, the General Electric Building of 1931, 270 meters high and with 70 floors, on West 42nd Street we find the skyscraper 500 Fifth Avenue near the green area of Bryant Park, is in art deco and was completed in 1932 is 212 meters high and has 59 floors and finally the grandiose Empire State Building from 1931, approximately 381 meters high and 102 stories.

Also, from that period but built in southern Manhattan near Wall Street are the 1913 Woolworth Building, about 241 meters high and 57 stories, the 1908 Singer Building, 205 meters high and 45 stories, built by the well-known sewing machine company it was demolished in 1960 and replaced by the grandiose 70-story Manhattan Plaza Chase with a height of 260 meters.

New York is the city where it seems almost possible to reach the sky! A true magic that leaves you breathless and completely captivated by the enchanting beauty!

The Big Apple offers a whole new look at the world! It does so with its imposing skyscrapers that can be observed from below, with an enchanted gaze turned upwards and which, in some cases, can be visited from the inside! But another perspective, unique of its kind, is that offered by the rooftops (the splendid panoramic terraces of New York).

Obviously, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center (the terrace is called Top of the Rock), the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center all offer breathtaking views. But there are lesser-known but equally spectacular opportunities.

It is always useful not to forget how Manhattan is an island and, therefore, it can be circumnavigated. This is exactly what a series of friendly ferries do every day.

The show will be extraordinary and truly unexpected. Because Manhattan is not only the most chaotic city in the world but it is also quite the opposite.

Residential districts surrounded by greenery, parks along the river, sports centers, steep banks.

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