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Central Park

Central Park is a huge park located in midtown Manhattan. It is located between 59th and 110th Streets (and 5th to 8th Avenues) and was built leaving here and there some natural elements.

The main road is closed to cars and inside the park you will find a number of attractions and activities. Whether its winter or summer, there is always something to do in Central Park.

Considered by many to be the green lung of Manhattan, one of the most magical places in New York, appreciated not only by New Yorkers and Americans but also by all tourists from all over the world… and how they could not, a decidedly beautiful park where you can do everything: walk, do sports, relax, lunch, dinner, you can play baseball, football, tennis, Frisbee, boating, roller skating, cycling or even take yoga or Pilates classes outdoors. Ice skating in winter, roller skating in the other seasons. For the summer there is a large swimming pool, at the “Lasker Pool”, in the north area. And in this park you can even get married.

Central Park is to date it is the best known, most photographed, most visited and most filmed park in America with over 42 million visitors a year!

From the top it looks like a wood, in reality it is almost a reproduction of the state of New York: In the southernmost part, towards Columbus Circle, the alternation of avenues, clearings, lawns and gardens is well cared for, and follows a rational order, to evoke the urban area Manhattan. The more you move towards the north, however, the more the surface becomes undulating, the denser the woods, the more tortuous paths, to remind you of the northern part of the state, or the mountainous area of the Catskills.

Aside from the great main boulevard, most of Central Park’s trails have been designed as winding paths not only to make the landscape more picturesque, but also to limit the speed of carriages and avoid racing. The designers did not foresee that carriages would be supplanted by bicycles. These are certainly the best way to get around the park.

Inside the park you can admire the statue of “Alice in Wonderland”, with all the characters of the now well-known tale or you can attend real theatrical works: “Shakespeare in the Park” is a great classic of summer evenings New Yorkers.

The park is one of the most used movie sets ever. Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen face off at Sheep Meadow in “Wall Street”, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan fall in love over the course of a thousand chats along the Mall in “When Harry Met Sally”, Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack find themselves on Lasker Rink in ending of “Serendipity”.

The best time to visit Central Park is definitely autumn where bridges, lakes and trees form a set of typical autumn colors that make the park extremely romantic and relaxing in seeing …

Central Park is an immense park with a hundred wonders, impossible to see them all in one day, but an experience that is worth living.

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