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One World Observatory

The One World Trade Center also known by many as the Freedom Tower is the tallest building in Manhattan in New York.

With 541 meters including the antenna, it houses the famous “One World Observatory“.

The building consists of 69 floors with offices, restaurants and the observatory. With its antenna it is also a transmission area.

The underground part of the building, on the other hand, houses a shopping center and access to public transport.

The observatory is located on the 100th, 10th and 102nd floors; the entire building has 104 floors and measures 417 meters, the same height as the twin towers.

They decided not to call it “Freedom Tower” anymore since the name evoked too much those emotional feelings that connect New Yorkers to the tragedy of the twin towers, which was considered to have hindered the rent of the offices, so they chose the name of “One World Trade Center”

A truly remarkable observation deck has been opened on the 102nd floor: it is a large room with glass walls that offers a breathtaking view of New York City. This Observatory is only indoors unlike the other two panoramic terraces of the big apple: the Empire State Building and The Top of The rock. This fact can also be an advantage for those who are afraid of emptiness or great heights.

From its location in Lower Manhattan you have a great view of the bridges.

After having passed the security checks and the queue at the ticket office, you arrive at the Global Welcome Center, with welcome greetings in the main languages, then you enter the Voices’ area with the stories of all skyscraper by those who built it, then you pass in the Foundation’s area with more information on foundations and construction.

The elevators, also called Sky Pods, take you to the 102nd floor in one minute and have walls covered with screens that show the evolution of the territory of the island of Manhattan over time. You then arrive at the See Forever Theater where you have to watch another 2-minute video and at the end the screens lift giving you access to the panoramic windows of the actual observatory.

It was the architect Davis Childs who was commissioned to conduct the work on the grandiose skyscraper; it began in 2006, after only one year the foundations of the skyscraper were clearly visible to all. In 2014, it was completely finished and in 2015 the famous Observatory was finally inaugurated to the public.

This grandiose building contains two peculiarities that perhaps not everyone knows:

*** The One World Trade Center was built on a square base with exactly the same dimensions as the 2 twin towers; it has the same dimensions as those of the Twin Towers

*** The One World Trade Center has a height of 1776 feet, a very expensive number for Americans as 1776 symbolizes the exact year of the United States Declaration of Independence.

We could therefore safely say that it is a building born in the memory, remembrance and celebration of the United States of America.

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